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iPad cover is by Hard Candy Cases ( Green case (shown) called “Squish Skin”; retails for $39.95

“Mobile app versions will be available for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch starting this week,” says Velandry. “Coastal Home Magazine features refreshing local stories about your northern New England seacoast neighbors, homes and gardens. Taste of the Seacoast magazine is the area’s ultimate food, wine and fine dining companion,” she added.

Coastal Home and Taste of the Seacoast, published by Trends Marketing Group, are distributed by the mobile outfit Pixel Mags and will join the ranks of Atlanta Homes, Dwell, and The Nation.

More and more magazine titles are appearing in the iTunes store with their own apps. Earlier this summer Hearst Magazines released a version of their Popular Mechanics magazine as an app for the iPad. Within five days, 10,000 copies of the $1.99 app for the iPad had been downloaded. Hearst has announced plans to have iPad apps by the end of the year for Esquire, Marie Claire, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and the Food Network.

As more and more magazines go mobile, it pays to be involved with where the technology is headed.

One of our clients, Sabrina Velandry of Sabrina, Inc., was recently promoted to Director of Mobile Publishing for two local magazines she is involved with- Coastal Home Magazine and Taste of the Seacoast.

Keith Lemerise, Publisher with Trends Marketing, has helped shepherd these two publications into the digital age. Coastal Home Magazine has been in print since last spring and Taste of the Seacoast has been around for more than a decade.

“We are excited to partner with Sabrina, Inc., and PixelMags to make our publications available as an app for iPads and smart phones” said Lemerise. He added, “we are the first New England Publication to be available as a download on iTunes.”

The first 5,000 downloads of each app are free. After that, the issue price goes to $1.99. All three issues of Coastal Home Magazine will be available to purchase on iTunes. For Taste of the Seacoast, the summer issue is available. Within the free apps for both magazines will be other exciting offers, including books and special interest publications, cookbooks and catalogs.

The best part of these new apps is that they act as a virtual personal newsstand. Once a customer downloads a back issue, current issue, SIP, book or catalog, it lives in their “newsstand” and is accessible whether they switch phones, get a new phone or replace their iPad.

Mobile publishing is a growing trend and we expect to see a lot more being done with the technology, including a lot more titles being added early in 2011.

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Tai Freligh, Media Consultant
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