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Leadership on Fire

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A Journey of Commitment and Courage

If you long to make a difference, however small, then Annette Fazio’s new book is for you. Leadership on Fire; A Journey of Commitment and Courage demonstrates leadership in the simplest form. This is an amazing account of how breakthrough change is available, to anyone, right now. Bridging a 300 mile gap from Brooklyn, New York to the small coastal town of York, Maine, it begins with a phone call from a single mom to a New York City Firehouse, which ignites an entire village into action. Ms. Fazio connects the everyday lives of members of Engine 214, Ladder 111, and a handful of townspeople who wanted to help ease the grief of 9/11. She weaves powerful stories of ordinary people who took action to benefit others; and how the smallest of ideas developed momentum and changed lives forever. Leadership on Fire shows how it’s possible to ignite the leader in you.

Leadership on Fire; A Journey of Commitment and Courage is now available at

Annette is an inspiring Business Speaker, Business Consultant, Newspaper Columnist and Founder
and CEO of Use Your Noodle in Business. Annette is a winner of the SBA “Business Success”
award and best Italian Restaurant awards. Annette has been lauded in numerous columns, and has
been featured by TV news and major national Trade Magazines. Annette inspires, and ignites the
spirit of audiences worldwide to “Oodle their Noodle” to reach new heights of success, personal
satisfaction and prosperity. Find out more at, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

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