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Surf the Web, Sauté the Onions and Get a Taste of the Seacoast, all while never leaving our app- Mobile Magazines are Appsolutely Changing our Online Experience

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We wrote earlier about how more and more magazines are going digital with their own apps. Two New Hampshire magazines; Coastal Home and Taste of the Seacoast went mobile a few months ago with the help of one of our clients, Sabrina Velandry of Sabrina Inc in conjunction with publisher Keith Lemerise, Trends Marketing, LLC and the mobile platform provider, PixelMags. Coastal Home Magazine features refreshing stories about northern New England seacoast homes, gardens, and art scene. Taste of the Seacoast magazine is the area’s ultimate food, wine and fine dining companion. The cool thing about these magazines is that within the apps for both publications readers will have access to other exciting offers. Subscribers to the app will be able to download cookbooks, catalogs and special issues dedicated to New England cooking and restaurants.

We downloaded the latest two issues and played around with them. The magazines translate beautifully to the iPad, with gorgeous photography, easy navigation, and the ability to expand and shrink pages. Readers may also click on links to websites and additional advertising material, both without ever leaving the app. The recent release of the iPad2 will mean even more opportunity for the iTunes apps to get exposure and provide more options for what can be done now and in the future of mobile publishing. And that has us excited for the future of mobile applications like the Taste of the Seacoast and Coastal Home.

Food enthusiasts will especially enjoy what is on the horizon for the Taste of the Seacoast app. They are working with national and boutique New England food brands to bring a wealth of multimedia to their app. Imagine reading a recipe in the magazine, being able to go to a website to order ingredients for it and then watching a “how-to” video while you cook, all from your iPad and all from the comfort and ease of the kitchen. Viewers will be able to play videos, search recipes, access companies’ websites for more information...all from within the virtual newsstand on their iPad, Android or iPhone, and without ever having to leave the Taste of the Seacoast app. We’re impressed! But we urge you to experience this for yourself. Be sure to download the free apps today!

Winter 2010/2011 issue of Taste of the Seacoast can be found in the App store.
Spring 2011 Issue of Coastal Home can be found in the App store.

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